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By Bubbaloo
I have a Max scene with a referenced mxm. I switched it to an embedded mxm. I made changes to the mxm through the mxed button and saved. I then clicked the referenced button again and saved the mxm to my desktop and called it "temp.mxm". Later I switched it back to embedded, saved the scene, and closed.

Now, when trying to delete the "temp.mxm" file, I get this:

I have checked to make sure mxed, mxst, mxst, max, etc. are not running. I've even restarted my computer. I can't get rid of this damn thing. Any idea why this is stuck? Is there any way to force a delete?
By Bogdan Coroi
Try deleting it using the "del" command from a command prompt.
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By Bubbaloo
Well, I tried your way, Bogdan, but it didn't work. So I wound up using msconfig to do a selective startup, then I was able to delete them. I don't know what was holding them open...

Thanks for the response!

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