By trybul
Ok, after finnaly getting it to work, and i am not sure how.... Max and maxwell are now talking. I had to install max twice, as it corrupted on the unistall of maxwell etc... Super messy...
but now that i have it working... when i do a render... it opens up the render....renders... closes the render.... but my VB is empty in max!!! i dont get to see what was rendered! Does this happen with anyone else?
By trybul
well it appears they talk.. but only in a limited way...
Max is not telling maxwell render any of my camera set up.
Ie. fstop/iso/etc...
grrrr... i hope they update the plugin soon... nothing but grief...
and i dont have an older one that will work with max 2009...
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By Fernando Tella
I've used Maxwell without problems with max 2008 and 2009 (using it right now).

Are you sure you downloaded latest plugin (1.7.8 ) and Maxwell (1.7.1)?
By trybul
Yup, using the lastest version of each...
and no luck..
i have reinstalled both max and maxwell now, a couple times... as well as the plug in. still having issues.....
I am using Xp 64 sp2. I am not sure if this may be the issue, but i have max installed on a different drive then the C drive.
Oh, and just for the record. if i step back and use 1.6.8 max plug in on max 2008 it works... but if i upgrade the to the 1.7.8, it no longer talks to maxwell either..... so there is definatly an issue with the plug in.....
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By Fernando Tella
XP 64 SP2 here too. Shouldn't be a problem... hmm.
Maybe there's something that stays in your system even after uninstalling; registry, variables,...
By trybul
but like i say, if i revert back to the an earlier verson for max 2008, it works.. install the latest plugin, and it no longer works....
very odd...
does anyone have the earlier version of the plugin for max 2009?

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