By casey
In honor of the new plug-in, which features greatly expanded MAXScript access, I am working on some new tools for general release. You can download the MAXScript here: ...

The ZIP file contains a single .ms file. To install, simply copy this .ms file into your 3DSMAX "scripts" directory.

Currently it provides the following tools:
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Create Panel -> Helpers -> Maxwell -> CamGlobals
This is a helper object you can drop in any scene to control the parameters of all the cameras in the scene at once.

The CamGlobals object has a duplicate of the Maxwell camera parameters, along with a checkbox for each. Any parameter whose corresponding checkbox is checked will override the settings of the cameras in the scene.

Hitting "update now" copies all the checked parameters to all the Maxwell cameras in the scene.

The "Active" check-box for the object controls whether or not it is automatically updates whenever you render or export. If it is not checked, then it will only copy its parameters to the scene when you manually press "update now".
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Material Editor -> Material Type -> Multi MXM
This is a new material that makes assigning lots of Maxwell MXM references much faster. It displays a list of 32 slots, mapped to their respective material IDs. Clicking on a slot lets you pick a new MXM file to reference for that material ID. You can also right-click on a slot to clear it, or to launch MXED on that material (note that unlike the regular Maxwell material, you can launch as many MXEDs as you want, and you can continue to use MAX while the MXEDs are open).
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Customize -> Customize User Interface -> Category -> Maxwell
There are now actions in this category that you can bind using the Customize User Interface menu option. There, you can place them on any toolbar or in any menu, or bind them to a shortcut key.

The "Export the scene to an MXS file" option is an automated one-click export. The first time you use it, it will ask you to pick a filename, and then it will export. Each subsequent time it will use that file automatically. "Pick the MXS filename to which to export" is a companion command that will allow you to switch which filename is being used.

Note that the selected filename will actually persist with the scene, so once you pick a filename for a scene, it will automatically export to that filename even after you exit MAX and re-open that scene later.

I hope these tools are useful! I will be adding more as I think of new things to automate.

- Casey
By casey
Fernando Tella wrote:Multi MXM is like Multi/sub-object but better for maxwell, right?
Yes, it is just a streamlined interface for a Multi/sub-object. In fact the Multi/sub-object material interface is still there as well, but you can close/move that rollout to the bottom so it doesn't get in your way.

The problem I had with regular Mutli/sub-object materials is that it was just really cumbersome to keep creating new Maxwell materials underneath, picking the instanced file, going back up to the mutli-sub, etc. This way it's just one click, pick file, done.

- Casey
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