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By Jan
Bogdan Coroi: I don't know if vansan is working on his converter, but I'm wondering if you could help with mine with this little problem:

I'm working in Maxwell-> standard/vray/mentalray conversion
If maxwell material have two layers, a blend material is used, with each maxwell layer converted to submaterials of this blend material. If there's a weight map, it's used as mask. If there's not weight map, weight value is used as mix amount. But if maxwell material has 3 layers, i don't know how could be converted. Any suggestions about this?

Thanks in advance

By Bogdan Coroi
Indeed it's a delicate issue due to the lack of Compound Materials in 3dsmax. All you have is the Blend and Composite materials. Blend material is simply stupid because you can only "mix" 2 materials. Composite material lacks the use of weight maps...
You could use a Blend material with Blend sub-materials and tweak the weights, but it won't work with weight maps.

So no, I can't make a suggestion. Maybe some experienced 3dsmax artist can bring some light here.

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