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By Jan
EDIT Jul 26 2009

Utility to make it easier to move scenes from a rendering engine to another. Lots of work have to be done in terms of materials or types of engines, but it will progress step by step. In the following table you can appreciate the possibilities of the script at this moment:


I have updated the script for maxwell 1.7+:


There is a help file included which explains all

Questions or suggests are welcome


PD: You can locate spanish version in this thread: ... hp?t=26501

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By JCAddy
Wow very cool!

how does the vralightmtl convert over to an emitter? What settings does it apply to the emitter, and how does it know how bright to make it?
By vansan
Exellent job Jan! :o
Cool that you didn't stop working on it, I'll try it tomorrow.
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By Jan
Hyperballad, it was made in a "trial and error" basis, with the help of VRay physical camera with similar values in maxwell camera. The decay is someway different, but intensity is similar. The scene is a plane with vraylightmtl over a plane with marks for comparing purposes. I'm trying to do this more accurate.

Vansan, nice to see you here :)
What are you doing now? I remember your great idea for previews before NL resolved this with the new plugin.
Jan, great job, I would suggest a message dialog for missing maps because translation of older scenes or scenes from the web or a partner, often has errors like this....
Don't know anything about maxscript so I can't estimate if this is easy or not.
Very nice tool what you did, thanks again.
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By Jan
JTB, sorry, but i don't understand what are you saying. When you open your scene, max advises you about missing maps, and in utilities you have the photometric/bitmap paths for correct wrong path. Could you explain a little more what do you need?

By vansan
I'm just trying to finish my version of material converter. It's still very alpha, as I'm not a hardcore scripter, just a little experienced newbie. :lol:
By Bogdan Coroi
Vansan, the material parameters were renamed to use a spaceless name form. (eg 'Use Emitter' in Use_Emitter and so on). Just wanted to let you know in order to be able to change the script.
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By Jan
But still haven't access to layers into the material, so we can't create a simple two-layer material for (for example) reflective surfaces


PD: spaces issue can be solved adding " ' " i.e. 'material name'
By vansan
I second that what Jan spoken, it's very uncomfortable to have only one layer accessible. I think [0..9] ten layers would be more than enough for any even very complex material, so why no to add numbers? :)
I respect your work guys alot, keep it up!

p.s. My script will be updated as soon as I get over with my architect diploma. I'm so tired of making it... :(
By Bogdan Coroi
We know about this limitation and indeed it's frustrating for a Maxscript user, but the limitation was due to the fact that we had to work in a non-max way with 3dsmax's internal structures. For any non-max approach there is a price to pay, and in this case was this Maxscript limitation.
We'll try to see if we can expose a safe interface to Maxscript, but I can't guarantee you anything.

PS. Material parameters were changed because a user (not from this forum) had some problems with his scripts.
By vansan
I've updated my Maxwell Material Converter script for the actual 3dsmax plugin.
It only converts Standard, Raytrace and Mental Ray A&D materials to Maxwell Material. Other modules will be written as soon as plugin is updated with my&Jan's requested feature. :)
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By Jan
Good work vansan. Hope we can do more soon :)
By Bogdan Coroi
vansan, as you have probably seen in the 3dsmax manual, the material is exported to MAXScript now. If you need help in what you're trying to do, let us know.
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