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By philip99
many thanks for the info, I will use this on the next render,
mean time, this is what I got to share


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By caryjames
Philip- Also spend some time studying other jewellery photography- go to the major players websites and see what they do.... Tiffany, Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, Breuning, Niessing..... etc. Then remember to read a lot on studio photography and lighting!
But these last renders are a lot better than your first so keep on truckin'-- it takes a while and a hell of a lot of reading/experimenting/learning to start getting results that look like photos :)
By philip99
the scale 1:1 in not clear to me,

from rhino plugin I go to maxwell studio, in maxwell studio import,scale is set to 1
I have not use hdri combination, but I will give it a try. Hdri scale seting is 1:1, do I keep screen maped ?
is this ok ?

I think I posted before you edited
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By Maximus3D
Scale 1:1 means you model and render at the correct scenescale so if a ring is 10mm in diameter you model it at that size and render it at that scenescale with Maxwell. Unless you are producing rings of 10km diameter size which i doubt that you would do.. :D

HDR's should not be screenmapped, they should be sphericalmapped if it's that type of hdr. Screenmapping is only for stuff like background images and such things.

/ Max
By Blitzor
Here's a test of a similar setup to your original on the first page (different style rings). What do you guys think?

By philip99
wow, looks great, good surprise, I like it. diamond dispersion is very good, its fine to me, always we can improve.
good you selected this setup, it is the hardest position to get right, I adjested my screen a bit, brightness look fine
it is correct rhodiumed color top.
pleasssssssse, share your lighting setup & experience, will be a gift to the forum :idea:
many thanks,
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By caryjames
Nice render Blitzor! :)

Philip you can tell a lot about a lighting setup if you study the reflections on the object...... look at the tips of Blitzor's claws and they will tell you the story of how he lit the scene. All of these emitters are either .mxi with gradients or he has created an hdri map with the same emitters as gradients.

Asking him to share his total lighting setup is big favour to ask... he has spent a lot of time and effort to figure this out and it is sort of like giving the farm away by asking him to share his complete setup. If you study his render you SHOULD be able to figure it out on your own, usually lighting setups are fairly simple, it is a matter of adding gradients and then positioning your emitters properly.

Thanks for sharing Blitzor- very nice render.
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