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By Tea_Bag
philip99 wrote:Tea_bag,
I am using 18k white & yellow gold fromTom's gold alloy series.
may be my emitters are too bright and washing out the gold color,
lighting in jewellery render seem to be difficult
I will look at the studio lighting sight you have posted.
thanks a lot for trying the render and your support.
members on this forum is very helpful.
Prob also be worth making your own gold material as like Max said 'those gold materials may be physically accurate with correct values and such but they fall short on the artistic part'
Thanks and I Have to agree with you about members on this forum being very helpful! Its priceless to have such support! :)
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By Maximus3D
See, that's already looking much better Teabag. Good update! :)

There was a ring rendering posted long time ago here, can't remember by whom but it was a silver ring with a green stone i think it was. Beautiful jewelryshot, one of the best i've seen so far done with Maxwell. Anyone knows which one i'm talking about ?

/ Max
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By Maximus3D
Ah yes, so it is the same artist. It's a killer rendering and it still remains unbeaten today. :) i searched through my archives and managed to find it there.

It's perfect!

Btw, i made a quick attempt at a gold material

/ Max
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By Tea_Bag
Wow! That Ring is Perfect! :) - Great start Max on the gold material but currently it seems more of a Car paint! :wink: - I know for a fact that if you spent more time on that material you will nail it just like you nailed the brass & bronze materials! - As for me the gold ride stops here as I want to try silver materials on this ring now! :P - I find silver an "easier" metal to play with! :)
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By philip99
many thanks tea_bag & Max for all the input, this is better than talking a course from maxwell
gold, it is very difficult metal to get right, the gold, silver & platinum ior are correct
only lighting at right light temperature would show color for the metal.
I am still working towards a good render. there are many good jewellery render I saw on this forum, and I do remember seeing a green center stone ring, I dont know by whom, it was geeen tsavorite gem.
talking about a green stone here is a ring from old archive, I did, a green tsavorite ring,

Max, the white ring with green stone you have posted seems to be platimum.

here is the file if any one feels to try may be we can come up good results.

this is the model I am trying to render. left ring is all white, right one is yellow with prongs & 2 bezel rings in
white gold, & one diamond can be alternated with any coloredd gem, green seem to be the easiest to render.


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By caryjames
Hey Philip99- that is looking good. Here are my 0.02 cents about jewellery rendering.

First- you need to model differently than you would if you are just going to machine/grow/print your wax and then cast. By this I mean that EVERYTHING must be filleted. I have found that if I am making a ring with a "flat" profile- in CAD it is easier to just make a perfectly flat profile but by the time you finish your ring in the real world it is nowhere near as perfect as it was when you created it on the computer. By that I mean that edges are rounded, flat surfaces are curved, there are pits and swirls in the metal from casting and polishing. So if you want to have your ring look like a photograph when you render you need to take extra time and model in some of these imperfections (all but the surface swirlies and polishing defects). I find that it is hard to create a surface that is "perfectly scratched" I find the other two renders "tsavorite, and orange garnet" very nice but if I put in that many scratches I would have a client tell me that they wanted a "new" ring :). So to add in just the right amount of surface defect to trick your eye into thinking that it is not perfect but also to not make it seem that you have poor craftsmanship is tricky :)!

Second- Lighting is CRUCIAL. If you use just straight emitters you are going to have weird square patches from the light reflecting onto your metal. So use hdri's or use make your own .mxi emitters. Study the wine glass tutorial on the THINK site and scrounge around here for any thread containing "diamond, jewelry, jewellery, dispersion, etc) those will give you little tips on how to light your scenes etc...

Here is a render finished the other day, I think that I finally am getting close with the metal surface. Good luck and keep posting these are looking good!

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By Maximus3D
Great input and rendering Cary :shock: i like it!

philip: Thanks for the scene, i will keep onto that one for my own private testing. Hope you don't mind :)

I used Philip's scene to test my goldmaterials, while my internetconnection was down for a few hours here i ran a number of renders. Here's the result, but beware there are ALOT of images so i will only link them in by filename so the page will not take forever to load for you guys. I guess it could be a called a "realworld" test of the goldmaterials i built yesterday. Here you can clearly see that some works fine while others fail bigtime.

Gold 0000

Gold 0001

Gold 0002

Gold 0003

Gold 0004

Gold 0005

Gold 0006

Gold 0007

Gold 0008

Gold 0009

Gold 0010

Gold 0011

Gold 0012

Gold 0013

Gold 0014

Gold 0015

Gold 0015a

Misc materialtests..
Titanium -
Copper -
Brass - ... _a15c3.jpg
Chrome - and ... 0004_2.jpg
Copper (Cu) - ... -cu4_1.jpg

/ Max
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By Maximus3D
Well lol yeah :D it took a few hours to render all these images.. btw, i agree about 0015a. It's one of my favorites too. The scratches can be toned down or removed to get a clean surface. :) thanks!

A updated version of 0015a, this revision is called 0015b! :) i toned down the scratches much more and now the gold is much cleaner.

/ Max
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By caryjames
Thanks guys!

Max- I like where you are going with the gold mat but for high polished finished jewellery I am finding the mats a bit too "sandblasted". High polished jewellery has very fine drag lines (only seen upon magnification) and a depth to the surface reflection that I used to find really hard to duplicate until I took Mihai's online course.

A good tid bit that got from Mihai is this......

Metals have two kinds of reflections- a blurry diffused specular and another layer with scratches.

He has a very good example of this in the mxm gallery with his chrome material. I downloaded that and then played around with the bump and texture maps until I got something that I like. The only problem is that you need to fiddle with the settings for different ring/ object profiles to get the look you are after.

Hope that helps
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By Maximus3D
That's interesting Cary, too sandblasted look hmm.. i have to try to learn more from real guru's like Mihai :) perhaps those online courses are a good and valuable resource of information. I'll take a look at his chrome material in the MXM Gallery to see how he has built it, thanks for the tips and suggestions.

Edit: I been messing around now some more, and this was not as easy as i thought it would be. It's unlikely i'm capable of reproducing a realistic goldmaterial :( and i also checked out Mihai's chrome material but non of it's textures were missing. The setup of his material however looks pretty similar to mine except mine has more layers.

/ Max

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