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By oz42
I remember reading about this as well. I think the solution is to make the displacement negative i.e. have the mortar displace inwards rather than the bricks displace outwards. Try altering the displacement offset layer so that the mortar displaces inside the volume of the geometry?
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By Maximus3D
Not a bad idea what Ozzy suggested, i haven't thought about that until now :)

Here's a old Maxwell material i created, it's a seamless brickwall with displacement that wraps almost quite nicely around corners. See the exampleimages below


Directlinks to the images ... lgrass.jpg

/ Max
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By Fernando Tella
Geometry should be smoothed. As this volumes usually have 90º corners it is recomended to fillet the corners and refine the mesh there so the projection of the textures are more perpendicular to the faces than radial.
By pipcleo
managed to get it working ok with displacement set at 0.2 cm.
Strangely the displacement of the mortar seems to be at least 2 cm but without corner artefacts.
What exactly is offset supposed to have no effect ?
By brodie_geers
I've heard that this problem is fixed if you set your smoothing angle for the object to less than 90 degrees. I've yet to test this however. If anyone has I'd love to hear your experience with this.

By pipcleo
Brian , scene is to scale but something is odd.

This is positive displacement at 0.2 cm with no offset and smoothing < 90
The image i posted above is positive displacement at 2.0 cm with no offset and smoothing < 90.

Anyways its workin fine for this situation

By cgbeige
I have a similar problem. The real issue is that I am using Mudbox displacement maps and cage meshes so smoothing the base mesh is not an option (you can't make the displacement relative to another base mesh subdivision or delete the lowest subdivision level like ZBrush).
By JPMays
This may be a dumb question, but how do you set the angle of smoothing? I have a rock wall I'm working on, and smoothing is on, but I don't see anywhere in the mxm editor to adjust the angle.
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