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By rusteberg
first 100 frames rendered successfully over network. Got to frame 95 or so, then all frames on the workstation running mx manager failed. server console reads:

- Num Meshes: 16
- Num Triangles: 1276916
- Num Vertexes: 2198585
- Num Normals: 1219774
Render settings:

- render core : RS1
- render version : Maxwell Render® 1.7.1 - win32
- desired rendering time : 1h00s
- desired sampling level : 15.000
- render resolution : 800 x 500
- using 0 threads
- illumination layers:
. . direct layer: true
. . indirect layer: true
. . direct caustic reflection layer: true
. . direct caustic refraction layer: true
. . indirect caustic reflection layer: true
. . indirect caustic refraction layer: true
- bitmaps path : path here*
- ignoring bitmaps

[31/March/2009 16:33:40] Checking Data
[31/March/2009 16:33:40] Loading Bitmaps & Preprocessing Data
ERROR: - >> Error: Reading Bitmap "\cloudysunset360degree.hdr". Format not recognized. Render cannot continue.

ERROR: - Render Failed
yet, as stated above, first 100 or so frames rendered no problem..... other machines on network finished their frames as the one (workstation running manager) wiped out the rest of the queue with the big ugly red failed signal......
workstation that failed is 32 bit, servers 64... (don't know if that has anything to do with it, just thinking out loud here)
successful frame from server console also reads "-ignoring bitmaps", yet loaded them and rendered just fine.

i know it can't be a problem with the hdr file, or the mxs file, or any other file for that reason because of the fact that it was nice and happy at the start, then suddenly decided it didn't like cloudysunset360degree.hdr

quiting maxwell server and reopening proves to work again on previously failed frames......

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By frosty_ramen
I have ran into similar problems with coop. rendering, and rendering on a single machine. usually the problem goes away without any explanation or reason.

By raster
same problem here. using maxwell 1.71 and hdri in coop rendering.

a group with three nodes:
two 32bit machines failed (one xp, one vista) with "format not recognized", the 64bit machine (vista) runs.

just posting...

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By Mihai
When that message appears it could be because there isn't enough memory to render the scene. The HDR will take a lot of ram. Try scaling it down to half size. During network rendering, an issue could be that with each frame rendered some memory isn't released when the next frame starts, so eventually you can get that error (which even when not doing a network rendering usually means there isn't enough ram to load the HDR).
Texture/finish lost in render.


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