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Hy There,

I just figured out a strange behavior of the maxwell renderer.

I created a simple sphere in MAX textured it with a Bump map and sent it to render in Maxwell.
I attach a Pic of the result...the smoothing is wrong!


I am talking about the facetting, not the horizontal lines...

Sure, I can export it to studio and recalculate the normals but I am not into studio and it need to be done like today. I know MAX better and this shouldn´t be a problem? Correct me if I am wrong...

Anybody an idea?

Thanks in advance...d.
By kami
yeah there is no other possibility and it sounds like there never will be any other :(
By 3dclassen
All right,

thanks for the answers! Sorry that I didn´t find the former post, I did search, but didn´t find anything about smoothing. Here they call it jagged.

Than I try to subdivide the mesh...

Greetings, d.

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