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By Tim Ellis
You could use one of the library scenes and apply a white plastic mxm to the background object.

Then change the emitter colours to white and use a pure white sky dome.

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By Maximus3D
But won't that overexpose the entire scene and wash out the colors completly ?

I think you should do some postwork, render out an approximate look of what you want then a alphachannel or something so you can easily separate your meshes from the background, then boost the intensity of the background and tweak the reflection if necessary in Photoshop or something.

/ Max
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By simmsimaging
I think Max is correct in that you will need to resort to postwork. There is very little chance that shot was or could be quite that clean without postwork. You could end up spending way more time chasing after it through the render setup.
By pwrdesign
Yeah I'm not even shure that the example image of yours are rendered...
This image takes less time to do from scratch in PS than model it and render it.
By richardfollett
Ok, thanks for all your help. I will try your suggestions.
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By deadalvs
why don't You use photoshop ? by far faster and more precise for this sort of job ... :roll:
By richardfollett
Just not that good with PS, guess you can do the reflections some how in PS ??
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By deadalvs
sure... :)

just duplicate that (for example) i-pod, mirror it vertically and place it underneath. then create a ramp selection to create that fading effect of the reflection and make that whole thing a little transparent...

need an example .psd ? it's easy to create.
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By deadalvs
okay... later that evening.. gotta go somewhere, then at home i'll do an example.

greets !
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By hyltom
Many people already asked me how can they achieved such render in maxwell. Actually it's not that complicated and most of the time it doesn't request any postwork. First and maybe the most important component is the floor material. Most of the time after explaining the technics, user always comeback to me and ask me why they can't get the same floor as mine. Theirs was always looking grey but not white. So to avoid waste of time and long test, here is the material for the floor :
Then the other component is the environment. Having a white environment is not necessary true in that case. I fund that the most important is to have a light burning the background behind the object you are shooting. To make it easier, here is what i' m using as environment : It's a homemade LDR. The quality is not really great, but it can give good result. One thing is that you have to put the intensity of the environment to 2. Than set the the ISO to 400, the shutter to 4 and the f-stop to 22. These setting should be correct for a product shoot (like a coffee maker). Another important thing is to position the LDR in the good way. The black part should be behind the camera.
I have used this technics during a long time, so if i remember well, all this component should give you the right lighing setup. And don't worry about the wash out, if all your material are well calibrated, everything should looks good.
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By JDHill
...when Hyltom starts talking about product setups...I listen. Thanks! :D



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