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By jomaga
Very good work Tom, thanks a lot (I´m using it)

Btw, you should publish also a default Mxst theme in the Think! site if someone want to go backwards :wink:
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By tom
Thanks! :D
jomaga wrote:Btw, you should publish also a default Mxst theme in the Think! site if someone want to go backwards :wink:
Well, the README.txt file clearly warns about it.
It's not a big deal uploading the original set though, I took note. ;)
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Poweruser Theme 1.0 by tom/NextLimit, ©2007

Make full backup of images folder and colors.txt
under the intallation path before proceeding.

It's your own risk installing this theme and
the author can't held responsible about any
possible damage to our software/hardware.



Overwrite your backups and you're back.
By yanada
Cool its a must have :D

Wishing for universal icons over Studio and plug ins.

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By tom
Dear Maxwell Powerusers,

This alternate studio theme has been updated for 1.6.
Thanks for your support.

Best regards,


- Instances toolbar icon added
- Instances list icon added
- Instance menu icon added
- Object / Pivot icon added
- Object toolbar icon renewed
- UV Grid texture improved
- Splash renewed
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By -Adrian
Awesome Tom, thanks.
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By Dexel

your pretty theme appears to be running well on 1.7. Are there any holes we should beware of - new UI elements not covered in the 1.6 theme?
...and if so, will you update the theme? (Please!)

Thanks and Cheers
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By Q2
A BIG THANKS from Auckland, New Zealand!

Q2 :D
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By tom
Thank you for your priceless support!
I'm working on 1.7 update for this theme and it will be available ASAP.

P.S. Until then, as it has only a few missing and changed icons,
you can still keep using it by overwriting the 1.7 images folder content.
By pipcleo
Tom , are you working on this for 1.7 ?

I kind of got used to it and would really like it back.
Several 'buttons' are missing when using the old theme with 1.7

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Wow! :D Nice render

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