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By deadalvs
is anyone interested in trying to get to the most realistic tree rendering possible with maxwell render ?

since this is a complex for architectural viz, and we could all learn from this topic, it would be great to see some pictures with a few hints how it was achieved.

most interesting topics of course:
• leaf-shadows
• reflections of the tree (windows, ...)

* * *

it would be great to have plants / bark / foliage as one of the monthly material contests once !
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By tanguy
i am with you deadalvs !
Let s go create the most reallistic tree and show how do between us....
Sure that is a great idea. :idea:
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By ivox3
Interested, ...yet feeling lazy.

....waiting. :)
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By deadalvs
hehe, yeah, lazy is also cool ... 8)

* * *

what we wanna reach:

best rendered tree so far:

also cool:
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By ivox3
Pretty lofty expectations ..... :P

Looks like you'll need about 16 trilion poly's ....

...waiting. :lol:
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By Hys
there will be such a great task !! the realism / polys number ratio will be hard to deal with :x i'll think about it !
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By deadalvs
surely these are high hurdles, but we want realism...

and You must admit that most cg trees just look butt-ugly

and there is of course always the possibility to render cards (single poly images). but there it would be interesting how to achieve correct shadows (witha a invisible shadow object) and an invisible reflection object, for facades, ...

i guess, this is (as the RPC approach) the most efficient way... but not the most «fulfilling»
By lllab
i watch these interested-sadly have no time to participate...

good idea:-)

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By tanguy
We can include this thread into our R&D time lol.
Does the challenge include Tree modeling or we can use a tree generator ?
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By deadalvs
it's great to see some motivated feedback !

use whatever You need ! the only stipulation is that it is a maxwell rendered, with no post work !

--> tree generators are allowed !

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By deadalvs
okay, first approach.

from my current diploma work... WIP, of course...


the materials are only two lambert materials with solid colors. the model itself was was done in onyx tree pro 4, an old version. (actually i don't have a clue what the newer versions are capable of)

i'll add more foliage i guess and replace them with clipmaps.

poor start, i know :wink:
By Maya69
realy , i think forget

why if you want make really nice tree you must use microdisplacement for detail's trunc and branch

no displace for MR

forget !!!!!!!!!

and if you want make realistic plant ground you must use instance


try with another render vray or sunflow

best regard
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By mverta
I bake my displacements to geometry and convert my instances to geometry and render with Maxwell just fine.

Best regards,

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By deadalvs
of course, displacement would be cool in maxwell, but certainly, as mike says, it's possible to bake it beforehand.

the trees will get insanely complex - but we don't care, do we ? :)

* * *

more to come !
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