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i just thought i would share this with anyone wants it. its all set up with maxwell tags. use it if you want. nothing special really. hope it helps atleast one person :)
remember its cinema 4d format
heres a rendering of it 18mins low priority rendering

i may make some more lighting props, unless its not what people want.
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By arch4d
great dd_ !!!

really cool to see anyone sharing some things.
i also saw so many mats around here, but noone shares them.

thanks for this cool setup ! :lol:
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By NicoR44
That is so cool :shock: thanks dd
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By dd_
heres the water shader i made for the indoor pool, its the water.mxm and the bump map i made
hope this is usefull for someone too :)

also im now doing a render using the lightbox on the lynx cans. so stay tunned
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By NicoR44
hmmm, link is broken :arrow:

edit:not anymore
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By NicoR44
Great shader!! thanks again!!!
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By NicoR44
dd_ wrote:hmm mworks here ive just dled it
can anyone else confirm ?
I was to quick, works fine now :wink:
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By dd_
do me a favour and set up a quick pic using an old model so i can see that someone has a use for it please :)

also here is a great link for setting up a studio settings for maxwell (maybe) ... fault.html
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By NicoR44
I will later on today :wink:
By leoA4D
Thanks for the share, dd_. V. nice of you.
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By zoppo
what a dd-sized cup of presents! :D

thanks a lot - i'll give it a try lateron.
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By dd_
in 5 mins (or there abouts) there will be another download
ive just modelled a umbrella light with tripod(semi rigged ish)
im just doing a test render now.
once again its c4d

btw this is a quick test with the light box
lit with the lightbox (obviously) and i added a skydome with a setting of 0.25 so there was something other than black for the bg
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By jotero
cinema 4d format :cry: which is (.wrl,obj,3ds, very nice) but 4d :?:



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