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By Ernesto
Maxwell Render does calculates a wrong rendering time, during Cooperative Job.
This seems to be a BUG. In case Next Limit do not know the right equation to calculate the estimated rendering time, please ask me: I have the answer. There is a Maxwell Calculator by Kabe that performs right calculations too.
In case it is a BUG, pleasse fix it, since this is vital information for daily work.
Providing WRONG estimated data is a trap for users. It would be better not to provide any information rather than providing wrong data!

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By macray
Hey Ernesto - what you say might be correct, but there is no need to shout the word bug.

Obviously you are able to work with Maxwell so you even notice things that are not perfect. Otherwise I have the feeling that the last posts from you are always complaints about this and that and this again.... as if you are looking for someone to blame. I don't know what it is but these posts read very offensive from your side.
Please calm down a bit - sure there is a lot of work still in Maxwell - but you see a lot of people can work with it and have no problem to find the right way or at least the one they are supposed to take to get good render results.

So please keep up the critics but please also do it in another way and not so harsh!
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By Ernesto
dear macray

I am sorry if my words sound offensive.
That is NOT at all my goal.
So please try to read me, without preconcepts.

I am writng in the most respectfull way, and as politely as I know.

Perhaps ti is me who feels rather offended, because I estimate I had not what I have paid for.
I know that Maxwell is a work in progress, because in the current version there are lots of things that do not work.
The proof that Next Limit knows it, is that they are REDESIGNING all the intefaces foor V2. Which would be the reason to do such a thing? The obvious answer is that they were wrong and they will correct it in v2.
The final problem is that there is no right to make me pay for it.

The problem is that most of those things are very necesary to make a trustable and reliable working tool.
I have never thought that I was paying for an incomplete tool.
I need Maxwell for work, not as a hobby, and when you work it is necesary to be responsible for the results and you cannot do that with a not reliable trustable or incomplete software.

Of course you can do images with maxwelll, but the process is muc more painfull than it should, as the result of a wrong designed interface, or perhaps because of a lack of a reliable development plan.

I have been more than patient, waiting for years to have the working tool I needed and was expecting for, but I have never got to that pount, and what made me crazy, is perhaps the fact that the only way to get what I was expecting to receive for my money, is going to be in V2 but I will have to pay an upgrade.
I feel this very offensive to me!
And am trying to explain the best way I can.

Up to now NL seems to not to care about what I am explaining. They have denied the reality sistematically.
From my point of view I am really convinced that they should fix all the bugs in version 1.8, before they release aa V2!

That would be a fair solution.
Otherwise, they denied my right to get a full working tool, and they want more of my money to get a promise of a workking V2.

If this politic of NL stays unchanged I will not trust in NL anymore.
How can I trust them if they didn´t make real their promises, even if they delayed the scheddule for 4 years!!!!

Again, I am not being offensive, nor violent. I am very peacefull, and am just telling the truth.
Prior tto these posts, I have explianed this same thing privaately to NL, and we got to the same conclusions but as soon as they found that the only way to repair this huge missunderstanding is not releasing V2, and provide a V 1.8 FREE OF BUGS for the first time since maxwell render appeared, they automatically changed their mind.

All I can think about is that perhaps they need desperately for money, and I could understand that if that were the case.
I can understand anythingg, but what is out of my range is paying twice for the same thing!

Anyway... it is very difficult to explain these things without certain shock.
Again it is NOT my goal to call attention or to make a mess.

My only goal is to fight agains what I understand as UNFAIR.

Sincerely yours

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By NicoR44
So that must be the reason than, just fishing for a free upgrade..... well I can tell you your attitude isn't helping at all Ernesto.
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By Ernesto
I have detected that during Cooperative job, the SL lectures of the cooperative job, are unreliable therefore wrong.
I have experienced a SL of 10, an two hours later it would show 9.17!
As they were weird values I did another try and this time it was 9.90...

One of the machines working in this cooperative job, was reaching to SL 11, so it is not possible that the cooperative merged image could be at a lower SL.
On the contrary it must be a higher value...

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By tom
Ernesto, could you please provide more information?
# of nodes, hardware specs, scene size, resolution, size of textures (in MB), etc.
hardware question :)

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