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By deflix
Is there something im doing wrong here?
I didnt expect displacement to affect opacity in this way..?
thanks in advance..

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By deflix
anyone got any ideas? - I'm struggling a bit with a deadline.
By JDHill
Have you set the same map as a weight map, or a transmittance map somewhere in that material? Probably better chance of getting advice if you post a screenshot of the material in MXST or MXED.
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By tom
Could you send me the scene?
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By deflix
the material has no maps in it at all except for the displacement.file has been sent!
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By tom
It looks like a small bug of Offset value about precision or limits.
Try 0.49 and let me know if that works for you...
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By deflix
that seems to work. thanks!
What caused it?
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