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By Eric Lagman
This is still broken with 1.6.1 Has anyone found a solution yet? I can use the old one, but only take advantage of one thread without resaving the scene as 1.6.1. Im still baffled by how it works fine if you open it in studio and hit render, but not the preview. Im suprised there has been more discussion about this. Do people not use the sim ball to test their matierials?
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By tom
OK, I've detected the crash happens with the scenes having groups saved by 1.6.x so you can avoid crashes by ungrouping the objects when you need to use them as preview scenes. As you know lately we've dramatically enhanced hierarchies in Studio so that could be a small bug introduced in the last minute as we probably missed testing this extraordinary case. You could consider this as a temporary solution until we fix it in the next update. As you may agree, it's not that harmful at least. Thanks for reporting and now we move this to bug reports.
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