By jep
Well, it looks like we're bringing the big boys into the game! Get ready to watch the bar be raised way... way higher! Welcome to the club!

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By sidenimjay
Jason , nice to see you here . . . and thanks for all your support

maxwell is only available through purchase at this time. fortunately it is still half price so at least one seat(4 render licenses) is worth it.

especially when used to render DOP scenes. . . .just wish i had the render farm at home that i do at work . . . .1200+ procs ooooff

perhaps we can add maxwell/houdini user tutorials on , since it is THE place for houdini info on the web after all
By jep
Jason and Sid...
OK - is the rest of the world ready for what will happen when the Houdini community actually fully embraces Maxwell? When it comes to Houdini, I'm a pre-Newb... (basically, I can start it up and go through tutorials - check out the big brains on me!) However, as I rely on Houdini artists daily at work, I'm very aware of the power it has.... I look forward to seeing you giys' work. Besides, a little competition is healthy... Those poor 3DMax users will be sucking wind trying to compete... oh well, maybe they too will be inspired to continue the learning process as well... This really is an exciting time - Man , I'm such a nerd...

OK back to my Maya....
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By sidenimjay

very good question there . . . .

i have been keeping up with the beta as best i can . . .i know that sesi usually releases on friday during the beta period.

unfortunately with work , BF2 and the plugin , i am finding it difficult to keep up with what is being fixed in the H8 beta.

the compile for the plugin is minor, as long as its for windows, my linux box is down for now :( , so if you need for a more recent cut i can do, but if there is an in house cut you are using, i dont have access to those . . . .for now ;) . . . . .

just let me know if you need for a cut that is not currently available and i will compile as soon as i can, you can reply here or pm me . . .

lisux, i know you are busy with getting all your stuff done, but thanks for taking a moment to say hi. was great meeting at siggraph and i look forward to hearing any feedback you have for the plugin.
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By sidenimjay

sorry for the long lapse in reply abigor is making me work for it at the office. . .

abigor is wind what does that look like . . .. hmmm

anyway i have been rendering stuff with the .345 cut of the houdini 8 beta

there havent been any requests other than a linux build, of which i need to revive my linux box to be able to do . . .

let me suggest you get a least one copy of maxwell especially while the price remains for the beta it is well worth it at least for the fun of creating such incredible renders if nothing else

it is tough as an idividual to compile for every build all the time . . . .
i would like to have a linux version myself but the more obscure houdini builds will have to wait even longer :(

if anyone needs a specific build again post here.

the easiest builds are of course the windows build, and you are correct as i did very little to update to h8 from h7

there are going to be some major changes however from maxwell beta to
version 1 , shaders are the main ones . . . hope i get some time before release to get the plugin ready otherwise it will take me a bit to get once they release

i understand as well that i will get little feedback as most houdini artists are extremely in demand and busy right now . . . so far i have yet to run into anything i couldnt houdini my way through that has not been added to the current build.

there are a few caveats when using the plugin , such as camera apperture must remain at the default , other than that, it has been nothing like my experience with the maya plugin, no offense lisux, more likely it is my lack of desire to be too competent with maya . . .

plus with DOPs , theres a lot of new ground to cover . . .

i appreciate the time you took to post , continue in your great work and get .hip to maxwell
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