By br54
Hi - the Houdini plug-in on the download page is from last September. Since then there have been major Maxwell updates, and Houdini 9 is now in public beta.

Anyone have info on when/if an updated plug-in for most recent Maxwell + Houdini 9 might be available?

thanks :-)
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By sidenimjay

thanks for your interest in the houdini 9 plugin.....

To inform you all, I am working with sidefx and next limit to prepare the maxwell conversion to h9.

i have an h8.1 and 8.2 versions ready and can send them to maxwell for
publishing on the site, so that houdini8 users can use the 1.5 version,
this will be the last update to h8.xxxx except to fix bugs...if there are any

with houdini 9 being in public beta, i am refraining from releasing the
plugin until 9 has gone public so as not have to rework too many things
the plugin is compiled, but sesi has informed me that the best method
will be to use the new soho programming tools. i will be converting to
that format over the coming days

that being said i have a few spots open for beta testing the h9 plugin

if anyone is interested , pm and we can sort things out

Get ready Houdini 9 is coming to maxwell soon!

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