By Neil Evans
Can anyone give me some ideas as to how to export an animation please? I have read the manual and done what it says but I don't get any mxs files. There doesn't seem to be any place in the create flythrough dialog to chance the file type to mxs, so I just get a quicktime movie.

Any hints would be really appreciated as I have to do an animation this week.


By pelias
OK the process is not very simple due to limitations on side of AC SDK but it is doable.

- open PhotoRendering Settings
- enable "Export MXS Only" checkbox in Maxwell Parameters - this means the render doesn't start right away as the frame is generated by AC
- set reasonable time "Render Time" - note that this time will be used for single frame of the animation so be reasonable
- enable "Append Frame Number" in Maxwell Animation - this means the frame number is appended to MXS file
- close PhotoRendering Settings

- Create fly-through in AC as usual with Maxwell as rendering engine - note that this will generate a sequence of numbered MXS files (one for every frame of the animation).

- Open PhotoRendering Settings again
- Click on "Pick ranges" to aquire a minimum and maximum frame number for the animation - this information is based on the first and last MXS file generated - you can also set it manually.
- Hit Render in Maxwell animation to start Maxwell rendering - it will render every frame of the animation and generate an image.

After this you will get a sequence of numbered image files - you can combine these into an animation format (there are many applications for that).

Hope this helps.




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