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By Daniel Hruby
Hi Pavol,

I had an idea that I wanted to run past you. I think it would greatly expedite the workflow of the ArchiMaxwell Plug-in.

Can you add a feature where by loading the MXM in Archicad will also load the filename in the Reflectance 0 slot into the ArchiCAD texture dialog? You would possible need to circumvent the library loading issue. It seems anytime you want to load a texture into ArchiCAd you must first have it load into the ArchICAD library.

If this is possible, there might be an advantage then to use 'real scale' settings for images in MXM creation. You might be able to derive an XY setting for the ArchiCAD texture.

I think this would expedite the process of loading MXM's into ArchiCAD.

By pelias

I had the same idea some time ago - however it is not possible at the moment and the reason is (as you've correctly identified) the problem of loading texture to ArchiCAD library first. This is not possible from rendering add-on so unless Graphisoft guys put an effort into this (they were notified) I am stuck.



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