By fferrini

first of all: many thanks for this fantastic verion of maxwell...great job, i love the new phisical sky!

i've got some problems with the new Archicad plug-in

i've installed the new Archicad's plug-in for Maxwell 1.7 for MAC
on MacPro Intel 8 cores 3.0 ghz / 8 giga Ram Mac OS 10.5.3. Archicad 11

First problem:

When i try to load a maxwell material in Archicad material editor window,
the "Load Button" doesn't work for me!
I push the button but nothing happens!! the other keys works perfectly.

i've I have noticed this: the first time that i open the Archicad material editor window, the "load button" work and i can load some maxwell material too.
But if I close the window and then I reopen it, the Load Button doesn't work.
I must quit the application and reload the file every time!!!

Second Problem:

if i launch MXED standalone, the first time i can create or modify a material, but if i try to open a created material in a browser window i can't open it (nothing appear) i must quit
the application and reloaded

Third Problem:

Launching a render directly from Archicad to mxcl (randomly) RED DOTS appears!!! (Black Dots in preview window). The same scene and same point of view rendered from Studio is perfect!


Sorry for my terrible english! Fabio
By pelias
As far as I can tell first and second problem are related - I am working on a fix for that - the fixed version should be available early next week (most likely on Monday - June 30th). BTW it is OSX specific problem.

The third problem (red dots) is very strange - there is no difference running the render from Studio and from ArchiCAD as that uses the very same settings. Does this problem occur for all scenes or just for a particular scene? Can I get a sample MXS file for inspection?

Thank you.

By fferrini
Hi Pavol,
thanks for the quick replay.

First and second:
I have read on the Italian forum of other customers with the same

The Red Dots problem is very strange yes! i've seen reds dot only when i lunch a render direcly from Archicad with the plug-in and only for a particular view using an invisibile emitter.
Others views of the same scene are perfect, others have red dots!! The same scene and same points of views exported in MXS and rendered from studio are perfect...... Boh!??
MXS works perfectly, the Archicad files is very very big (120MB) too much to share with you, i suppose. Thank.

Ciao Fabio
By Josephus Holt
I've had some issues also with the Load button (runnning Winxp32). Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
By pelias
Josephus Holt wrote:I've had some issues also with the Load button (runnning Winxp32). Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
Anyone else with this problem on Win32? BTW - the problem was solved for OSX plugins in v1.5a...

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By Daniel Hruby
I am still having issues in AC12 with files that will not properly load materials. In my experience, I don't have to quit ArchiCAD but only quit the material editor AFTER resetting the material (in my case i am changing MXMs. Then re-open the Material Editor and I can load again.
By fferrini
i've the same problem (newest plug-in) with some older files (made in Archicad 10, then imported in Archicad 11). i must quit the material editor then re-open...

MacPro Intel 8 cores 3.0 ghz / 8 giga Ram Mac OS 10.5.3. Archicad 11


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