By pelias
I will repeat it here as there might be people who missed it. Plugin for ArchICAD 12 (all platforms) is included in Maxwell 1.7 version of the plugins.


By krsz
Hi all,

Does MR1.7x64 support AC12?
I have AC12, but MR not working. Not supported form according to AC12. Under AC11 all OK.
I've read in manual just AC10 & AC11 was supported. Is this true?
OS:Vista Ultimate 64bit

By pelias
AC12 is supported - however there is a problem with multi-processor machines where the plugin refuses to load (it is most likely your case as well). This problem was brought to my attention last week - I am talking to Graphisoft about it as I need their help to sort this out. I will let you know once the problem is resolved.

By krsz
I thank for it, Pavol.
By krsz
... any hope?
By Neil Evans
Bizzare, it works fine on my multiprocessor machine, could it be something to do with vista? I am running XP64.
By pelias
The new version of AC plugin which is available for download should solve the problem.
If you want to fix it yourself it is also fairly simple to do. What needs to be done is to make sure that DevIL.dll is located in both AC12 folder (typically C:\Program Files\Graphisoft\ArchiCAD 12) as well as Windows system folder (C:\Windows\System32)

By krsz
thanks, it works. The missing dll was the problem.
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