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By Daniel Hruby

regarding animation output; I saw the new C4D plug uses this approach
Now, to render an animation just set the Padding Format to name#.ext. If the user presses Write MXS, the plugin will write the specified number of MXS files and will stop, but if the user presses RenderSV or RenderAV, the plugin will write all the files and start mxcl in render animation mode.

How does the ArchiCAD plug handle the option to produce animated output? If there is not such a simplified approach, could there be?? This would be a great way to also do a batch render of key frames with no 'tweens so that a couple images could render consecutively overnight or weekend.
By pelias
This is a bit tricky and I have to admit I do not have it figured out through completely yet.

The problem is that ArchiCAD rendering add-on has no information on animation rendering. Once you start render in AC the add-on will get control and start rendering but the animation (fly-through) is full handled by AC - add-on just gets a single frame at a time.

In order to handle animation in any reasonable way I will have to use 2 part approach - rendering add-on as you have it now and additional regular add-on (to handle animation information). It is not a best solution but it appears to be the only available solution given the limitation of AC rendering add-on SDK.


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