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By Daniel Hruby

Can you do anything to offer us more control over emitter groupings? Right now, All emitters transfer as individual light sources (read: Sliders). The obvious problem is that MultiLight quickly becomes useless as the output file size increases per emitter and fails to render once memory limits are reached.

A room may have ten 100 watt lamps in the ceiling and there might be 10 rooms like this in a bulding. When doining an exterior night render, we are now faced with 100 sliders for each light source (if that will even load). There needs to be some control over how lights are managed in ArchiCAD and how they get exported from the plugin.

Some questions:

Could the plugin recognize lights that are grouped in ArchiCAD get merged into a single object AND assigned a single slider control for that object.

Could the plugin also name each group after the Zone they might be located in? This is important to allow for ease of use in the Multilight Mixer.

One caveat to overcome is the need to scale the emitter MXM across multiple lights in a group. If a group of 7 lights using a 100watt.mxm becomes 1 object using the same 100watt.mxm then the power output of the MXM needs to be multiplied by 7 to equal that of the individual lights. Correct? How could this be handled by the plug in? Or maybe via the material wizard in the ArchiCAD Materials Editor?

Food for thought!
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By pelias
I do not have a solution at the moment but I've thought about that already and grouping of emitters is high on my ToDo list.

This idea with zones (if others agree to that) seems like doable and it should work well.

By rendek
I think too that grouping per zone is a great way to go!
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By Daniel Hruby
Nice one Pavol. I am lookiing forward to seeing what you come up with.
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!