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By polynurb
i can confirm this happening with in Rhino via plugIN and Studio.

i am running FIRE with IBL (Hyperfocal low res)

initially everything shades fine, but as soon as i tweak anything in the scene while fire is active it starts to produce these undersampled speckles.

let me know if you want a test file


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By dariolanza
Hello polynurb,

Yes, that is really weird.

Could you send us that simple scene (including the ibl map) and the sequence of steps that you can confirm that it triggers the error?

You can send it to our Technical Support email address.

This will help us to find what is going wrong.


Dario Lanza
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By polynurb
Thanks Tom,

i PMed the scene to Dario.

as far as i can see it does not happen with all ibl maps, or not to the extent as the hyperfocal reveals it.

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