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By m-Que
I was making a pool scene using an old workaround to produce pool caustics (2 planes: water hidden to camera + AGS) and looks like something weird is going on with AGS - as I place it over the water plane, it acts as a "caustics filter" - so basically all the light that goes through this AGS plane, would not produce caustics any further in the scene. For example, as it goes next through the water plane under the AGS, it will not produce caustics.
But the most interesting thing is - it does not act like dielectrics, meaning that you only can't see caustics through them, but if you move the camera behind, you will. In this case it is exactly as I say - it acts as a filter; so no caustics visible at all, whether if camera is placed in front or behind the AGS plane.

So, is anyone familiar with this problem?
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By Tim Ellis
I've found a quick solution to this. It can be fixed by placing the AGS plane below the water plane and disabling the water plane from camera & reflections/refractions:-
Workaround for all AGS & % weighted single layer mxms.
Not a coding fix but a solution for the current version.

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