I've performed some tests on a basic cube with one emitter. All tests have identical settings, all use the Z-Clip plane option in SketchUp plug-in. All renders shown here are direct to MXCL, but the same issues apply if firstly exported to Studio and then to MXCL. The problems seen below only apply when the render quality is set to 'production' mode...in 'draft' mode all illumination is as expected.

The first test shown below has the clipped wall (one closest to camera) 'hidden'. There is no obstruction between the camera and the inside of the cube...working as expected. Run to SL 13


The second image shown below is with the clipped wall 'visible'. The wall obstructs the camera from seeing inside the cube...the Z-Clip plane brings the view past this obstruction and into the room. What we see is that there is definitely light coming from the emitter, but it is at a greatly diminished illumination. It's as though the Z-clipped wall has a strong filtering affect on the amount of light that is allowed to get back to the camera. Run to SL 13


The final image demonstrates the strong filtering affect that the Z-Clipped obstruction seems to have on the amount of light getting back to the camera. I have cut several holes in the clipped wall, which clearly show the differences in the amount of light available to the camera under these 2 conditions.


This is a fairly serious issue when trying to produce interior renders with emitter assisted lighting. I haven't tried the test with a window opening and light coming from outside, either through physical sky or environment, but I suspect that the Z-Clip option might result in the same strong filtering affect on the available illumination.

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