"Hidden from camera" no longer affects shadow channel.

Look at this scene (color channel and shadows channel):

Now we select the sphere and switch "Hide from camera" (color channel and shadows channel):

As you may see, shadows didn't change. It worked before 2.1.
There is an issue with the brightness in the shadow where there shouldn't be and it's being looked into, but for the hidden to camera - we changed in 2.1 for not having to do two separate renders when you needed a floor object just to catch shadows but not have it visible in the main render. In 2.0 you had to render twice - once with the floor visible in the main render, because if it was hidden to camera it wouldn't catch shadows, and one with the floor object hidden to do the main render and get a correct alpha of your objects. So now you only have to run 1 render since objects hidden to camera will still catch shadows. Is there a reason why you would want just the shadow and not have it be occluded by the object that's hidden to camera?
Hello, Mihai!

Thank you for reply. Yes, there is a reason: when using a separate shadow that an object knocks-out on high-resolution images, I get a white glow on the edge of the object, especially when there is a motion blur or out of focus areas. I have to either modify the shadow in Photoshop to make it extend below the object or to use this technique (hide the objects from camera and render full shadow without knock-outs).

Thank you.
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