By Gary
Hello Juan and Pavol,

A few plug-in suggestion for upcoming releases:

1. in the Maxwell render - options dialog, under the HDR tab, can you add a field to display any chosen HDR's path. It seems if I have chosen a HDR, the program should at a minimum tell me it's name, and ever better it's location.

2. with all that empty space at the bottom of the HDR options window it would be great if you could low-res preview the active HDR and even better, somehow preview the HDR in your scene and changes to scale x, scale y, and offset.

3. it would be good if under Maxwell render - options dialog, there was a "network" tab that would allow me to send a rendering right to a network Manager or node. Currently I have to write the MXS and then open it in Manager. Can this be streamlined?

4. in the Maxwell render - general dialog, can the img, mxs, and mxi fields be widened to fill the whole dialog window? the space exists.

5. It would be good if when you mouse over the img, mxs, and mxi fields a pop up displays the whole field if it is not currently fully displayed.


By cwilliams

I agree with everything you suggest.... Especially, item 3. I don't think we can even send a network rendering directly from Studio (MXST)? Maybe this is one of the improvements in v2.0?

Currently, I have to export out the MXS from the plugin, force quit Maxwell Render(MXCL) after it loads the MXS, relaunch MXCL and connect to the Manager, and finally load the MXS from there. I would be so happy to shorten this process by sending directly to the manager as you suggest.

By Gary
hello Craig,

If you know you are going to send the mxs to manager you can choose "nothing" under "program to open" in the Maxwell / Z control panel (I am not in front of my computer so I may have some of the words wrong...). Then it will just write the mxs and not open mxcl, saving you some time.

By Gary
and one more—

6. build in an option for mxs focal length to match formz focal length regardless of images size proportion.

By redrngr

I say here, here for your #6 suggestion as that would be Awesome! :D

On another note, Perhaps Next Limit is still formulating their policy but I am curious as to the cost for upgrading from Maxwell 1.7 to 2.0?
I know they are still formulating and adding probably additional features but I doubt at this point that it would be a free upgrade for existing
Maxwell 1.7 license holders. After all Maxwell 1.7.X is very stable.
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