Hi All,

Just started looking at animation in FZ and outputting to Maxwell which I use for my still shots. I'm posting the same question on the FZ forum as not sure in which camp this issue lies.

I've managed to get a very small test to work to see how fz interacts with Maxwell, and notice that a separate .mxs file is written for each camera position, and then some hidden script (probably in the FZ Maxwell plugin) renders each .mxs one after the other producing a series of still image files that need to be converted to a movie in Quicktime or whatever.

I use Maxwell Studio to apply all my textures, play with the lighting etc etc, and only use FZ to model in, exporting to Maxwell via the plug-in.

The question is, is there a way of transferring the camera animation path from the FZ file, to the Studio file where I have everything set up?

Either as multiple cameras (a new camera for each frame) in the studio file, (which would be nice as then using a render farm I need to only upload the mxs file once), or somehow write the Studio per frame using the camera postions from the FZ file.

I hope that makes some sense, and someone has an answer. (I know using Maxwell for an animation might not be the most sensible thing to do!)


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Thanks Fernando!


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