In the latest plug-in release notes it says "Multiple instances of MXCL can now be run from the form·Z plug-in on OSX".

Do I duplicate the entire Maxwell folder or just duplicate the MXCL app? Will the plug-in then find the unused MXCL if the first version is already rendering?

It would be great if new features like this were explained in a little more detail when released.


By nachob
Hi Gary,

I think you don't need to do anything. It simply opens different instances of the application using the same application file.

It differs in how standard applications behave in OSX, where there is always one and only one application running, and when you try to open it again iby double-clicking simply changes to the opened one. By using a workaround the plugin can now open it several times as independent applications. You can do something similiar by running it from terminal.

This is a great feature and works well from the plug-in.

Is there a simple way to get a second instance running in OSX when I am not using the plug-in? For instance, I have one instance of mxcl running a rendering and I want to open another to edit a MXI? So far the only work around I have is to open another instance through the plug-in, cancel the rendering, and then open the MXI.

Any better options?


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