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By juan
Hi Gary,

Are you running the plugin in osx or windows? We changed a couple of things to avoid mxcl was not found in some systems but mxcl should still be launched as an independent process that don't block mxcl. What version of formZ are you running?

By Gary
Hello Juan,

I am running the current plug-in with the most current version of Form-z.

I am running osx.

To be clear—

1. I can get mxcl to launch from z (only with the -d in the plug-in)
2. the problem is that once mxcl starts running I can not return back to form-z.
3. I can return to other applications.
4. when I stop mxcl, I can return to form z.


By nachob
Hi Gary,

Formz should not freeze when mxcl is launched with parameters, we are going to fix it.

But why are you launching the render with the -d parameter?, that parameter is not needed if is the only parameter you use. With the last version you can select if you want to launch mxstudio or mxcl from the plug-in directly, and mxs files should be associated to mxcl.

By Gary
Hello Nachab,

for some unknown reason I still need -d to launch mxcl from formz.

I may not have been clear: I am also entering "-ml" at the same time to launch multi-light.

I seem to remember that the check box "open mxcl" was not working on my system. I will re-verify this.

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By juan
Gary wrote: I seem to remember that the check box "open mxcl" was not working on my system. I will re-verify this.
Yes, it might happen that the mxs file association is not working in your system. What happens when you double click an mxs file in the finder?


By Gary

When I double click a mxs file in the finder then mxcl will open.

When I enter -d into the plug in, mxcl opens.

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