By monochrome
I need to do a dusk shot with lights inside my building. I don't have any experience in maxwell studio...what's the most efficient way to illuminate the building from the inside? Ideally I'd like to set it up from FormZ - is that possible? Do regular lights export with 1.6?

Thanks for any help....
By pipcleo
I do a fair number of night / dusk shots . With fz i would definitely export to studio to take advantage of multilight.
This first render is emitter planes only and 6 multilight sliders

This render is mxi emitters and emitter planes and 7 multilight sliders.


If you need control over multiple light intensities this is the way to go.
Just set up your emitter planes in fz.
The mxi emitter in the hi rise facade is a series of planes set behind the glass facade with an mxi applied.
Hope this is of some help
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