By pipcleo
I was running without problem

I have updated to 1.5.1 and when I try to render in maxwell it says my mxs is invalid.
Do I need to update the fz plugin to 6.1/6.5 even though I am not running this version ?
Can my mxs files not run on 1.5.1 ?
Can anyone elaborate please
By pipcleo
Thanks Mihai. I cant get anything to render , neither or
Everything stops wth an invalid mxs message in studio.
These files preview fine but jst hang on render.
Guess I ill have to stick with
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By Mihai
In Studio? You get an invalid mxs file when rendering in the viewport in Studio? Or when you import the file? Open it in Studio, then just save it, then try and render.
By tcamco
Same problem here. A file built in older version will not open in 1.5.1. I can't open or import in Studio so I can't re-save it in Studio . Says file is obsolete or invalid. Does this mean I have to rebuild all my older models to render in 1.5.1. This would make revisions timely!
By pipcleo
Mihai , yes I can generally open an old mxs in 1.5.1 , i can also preview this file in studio , but as soon as I render I get an "invalid mxs" immediately after voxelisation.
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