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By mojo
thanks for the 1.5 version, it looks good so far!

in the maxell render - options palette is a little mistake, isn't it ?

under intensitiy:

[X] Intensitiy
[ ] Use form z Sky
[x] Intensitiy

Best regards, mojo
By zak
I also get some strange message about purge materials. I have also an error when I make a new mxs file. It ask for the file I try to make !? Make this any sense ?
Otherwise it seems very fast ! :)
The fz pdf, is also a bit outdatede.
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By juan
Hi :)

One of the internal enhancements of the new plugin (apart from the support to new 1.5 features) is the support to other languages. Now all the texts displayed in the plugin are loaded from the resouces files (maxwellrender.ENU.fzr and MaxwellAtributtes.ENU.fzr), so it can be easily translated to other languages that formZ supports. We might be introduced a little issue in those resources files.

We will check it and the pdf as soon as possible.

Many thanks,

By redrngr
Will Maxwell 1.5 Run smoothly on formZ RenderZone Plus 6.5?
Yes, formZ 6.5 is in Beta but it should be release fairly soon. Of course that depends how Beta 4 goes.
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By juan
The plugin will work but also we will look into v6.5 trying to get the most of the new functionality.

Kind regards,

By redrngr
Thanks Juan.

On the formZ Forum Zweb Support Today Wrote the Following:


"As we are getting closer to the release of RenderZone Plus 6.5, which also includes some major rendering improvements and biased global illumination effects produced fast, we would like to announce that there will also be a form.Z + Maxwell bundle. You can expect a more detailed announcement next week. "

ZWebTech Support

This Great News! :)
By tcamco
When I start a Maxwell rendering from Form Z, Z quits responding until quiting mxcl. One of the nice features of Maxwell was the ability to continue working in FormZ while Maxwell renders, I hope this can be corrected. Also, are there plans to automatically convert FormZ decals when importing into Maxwell? I have struggled unsuccessfully to make decals work when exporting from FormZ to Maxwell. I use this feature quite often. I see others in the forums posting wine bottles with labels, how do I do it in FormZ?
Mac OS 10.4.9
FormZ 6.5
Mac Pro 8 core
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