By medmonds
This image rendered at 1600x1200 for 14 hours on a quad-core XP32 machine (Dell qx6700... 2.66 ghz i think) and reached a sampling level of 17.25.

The only light source is the sun with physical sky.
The window glass uses AGS.
I'm guessing that if I did not have a huge mirror in the scene the noise would be lower... right?

Can someone tell me if this is a reasonable resulting SL for the duration of the render and speed of the CPU?

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By ivox3
It seems normal ..... the parts with the most noise are the areas that are dependent on indirect hits(which is most of the scene).

Although given the quad-core and small resolution .... it's kind of a lengthy rendertime.

RGB values with some of the materials could also be playing a factor. eg.. walls etc..
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