By dkessler
I don't know if this has been reported or documented...It seems that Maxwell doesn't recognize the scale of surface styles. The images below shows two "checkered" textures. One was created with the default 100% scale, the other with 50%.

Maxwell does represent adjustments to the texture mapping of each object, however. If I kept the surface style scale at 100% and changed the texture mapping scale of one cube to 50%, it would work properly.


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By juan
Hi dkessler,

thanks for the report we will take a look to see if there is something we can do. This new version supports features in the mapping area that were not supported in previous versions (ej, flip or center texture control..) but it seems that there is still some work to do. Actually what you are reporting is not related to the texture mapping but to the texture scale, we will see what can we do.

Kind regards,

By davidhard
I've been having this problem as well.
I have a mapped texture in FormZ that I have scaled to 400% but in Maxwell, It only renders at 100%. I haven't been able to figure out how to scale a map up or down in maxwell using the materials editor. is there a way to do it?
By Gary
This can be achieved by scaling the size of the texture in texture mapping dialog box. It would be nice if Maxwell did recognize the scale of the texture in the material editor as well.

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