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By Cristiano
I just render 3 files (mxs=250Mb) at same time, this night I start render and this morning my PC (dual xeon 2,8 Ht with 2 Gb RAM) run perfectly.
the file is very large (I don't know how many polygons !!).
xref 6 files with many important faces & poly, in fact the time for render is very long (1°img 4h 23', 2°img 8h 52', 3° img more then 12h), when I render a single img I finish a render in 2h 20', but this night I just sleep :) :)
Maxwell & NL rules....!!!!!!
I just wait for 22 Nov...

Sorry for my English !!!! (is english or....!!)
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By alexcount
you would benifit greatly from the new RC, I reccomend buying yourself a copy of Maxwell.
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By Cristiano
I buy Maxwell Render 8 months ago, and I try try & try for many times, but I have one render PC and I force it for my works (2xeons cry because I force it too much !!) :lol: :lol:
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