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By isma
Jammed test to 90 minutes with resolution (11.000 xes 6.500)
I have used the option - hd, has not used the command line but launched 3dsmax.
In the next test
I will put a superior time.

LINK RESOLUTION (11.000 x 6.500)

preview (1.000 xes 591) with correction
exposure in photoshop.

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By rivoli
oh well, now this is huge.
By vansan
It's possible to render nearly infinite picture-sized images with the script, that I used for my exterrior renderings. A Big render(7500x5000) was done in Vray render, but i think it's possible to use it in maxwell. :wink:
By the way, I used "MemBoost" - free utility, that saved me many times!
It helps alot, though i don't use "-hd" option for renders. :P

U can find MemBoost here:
And the script here:
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By isma
my pc: PC P4 3,2 Ghzes - 2Gb RAM - gfx5700 256
(sampling level) I don't remember

I with vray have renderizzato 5000x3500
time 1h
not using any script ;)

thanks for the script
I will use him/it the first possible
to make test with maxwell.

in the next test with maxwell
I hope to overcome
(11.000 xes 6.500)
for 4 days
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