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By Micha

I'm not so impressed, because most of the image area is heaven and the lighting is not so good viewable at the thin objects. :wink:

Do you have seen the noise pattern in the small image? I have seen this here in some images at low sampling level too. For me it seems to be a bug, in beta 1.2.1 it was better. Now, it is more difficult to use the downscale method.
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By psanitra
man, you must be crazy!!! my connection is going nuts downloading this page :lol:
By opnotic
I think this was silly posting the pic in the actual post instead of linking to it. I would have been upset if it froze my pc and lost a project. :D
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By abhikaam
Yes it´s big, but little boring as well, isn´t it?
By lwan
abhikaam wrote:Yes it´s big, but little boring as well, isn´t it?
yes it is
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