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By ignacio
This is one of the lastest test using the -hd option in the command line. It was rendeing during the night in an AMD 3200 whinchester 939. The Maxwell benchmark is not very good due to the high disk activity, we still have to improve this option a little bit. The sampling level reached is 6. The number of polygons is near 2 million.

I upload a reduction to the 12% of the original size. I am trying now to upload the high resolution one, but I am having problems to convert such a big image to a JPG format using less than 5 Megabytes and keeping some quality.


Here is the high resoultion, sorry fot the compression. It's very bad quality.

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By Hervé
woooo... hats off Igancio !! you beat it again..... ahhh Maxwell.... always higher..

I noticed real big sizes needs a lot of detail modeling and extra large textures...
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By tom
Yeah first 10000!!! wow...
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By rivoli
10.000 sounds cool. keep oversizing it.
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By jomaga
Well done, Ignacio!

Could someone try all in one?
- Image with 4991 emitters, 7M polygon and res equal to 10.000? :lol:

Someone can do this in any renderer (Vray, Brazil, etc) in 2 o 3 hours?
Maxwell is slow??

Keep improving hd option... :wink:
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By Hervé
don't forget the 800 mb textures.... he he.....

I'll have a mega large scene soon ready.... :wink: (an entire house floor from above... no ceiling, loaded with furniture... and maps...) :D
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By Hervé
it is fair... sorry, they did not use a real big machine...
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