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OK Billy Boy... I did it... well it went to level1 only but I could have let it run to 20 if I had the time, but it was to demonstrate big size... no ? he he

I made a copy of screen but then the heat forced me to restart, so I've lost the screen...

but, here is the Temporal file... no wonder the disk was going nuts... BTW, I would suggest to have a disk jsut for that.... because working on my C disk is really not ideal... after that treatement , photoshop failed to initialize, and like I've said above, I had to restart...



and here is the link for the image... if U dare... (16 mb- jpg low2)... I had to put it on my sever... so only watch it if you really need... he he..

BTW, I have a Boxx AMD dual 1900 (I know...) and 2 GB ram...

here is the link... ( I pushed auto contrast in Photoshop, otherwise, it is still very dark at level 1)
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By Hervé
yes I think it counts as long as it started to show an image... it did not crashed... I stopped it !! hehe...

Victor... does it count...? I mean I could let it render over night, but not with my current disk... I would need to do a few back ups first... hehe
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By victor
In theory it is valid, but I think people will not understand if we send a 10000 x 10000 image full of random points because we cut in the first iteration. So we kindly ask everybody to provide better quality and taste the Maxwell essence of the images.
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By Hervé
Hello Victor, is there a simple way to tell Maxwell to use another partition or disk...?

I feel like OJ Simpson... in theory It counts, but in practice, it does not... :cry: he he
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By victor
We are adding this option for next patch, sorry.

I will add the image as an exception :wink:
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By Hervé
yeahhh hurrah... ! you're da man Victor ! I can't wait to ry even much bigger ones.... I think the limit is te size of your Hard drive... no..?

He he...

Maxwell rulezzzzzzz...
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By tom
:lol: :lol: :lol:
By lluistar
Herve, Your level 1 render sized down.

How long did you render it for?


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By Hervé
it render for about 50 min. he he..
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By tom
after months, maxwell still astonishes me...
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By Hervé
Is it not incredible... everything's there...

Tom rulezzzzz
Maxwell rulezzzzzz
Victor rulezzzzz
Oscar rulezzzzz
Ignacio rulezzzz
all Maxwellians.. RULEZZZZZZZ !!!!!
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By macray
You forgot mtripoli and his wife, and mihai....and all the other!

Nice picture! I especially like the wooden floor. All of the boards are modelled, or?
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By Hervé
he he... I did not forget anyone coz I said all Maxwellians... he he.. ok maybe Tripoli's wife.... so Now she included... he he :D

Boards are not modeled, just a texture... a large texture
(8500 x 1800)

from this site... (extra large textures you need if you go for monster sizes...)
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By tom
:oops: Hervé, this is a great society with all your sprits.
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By Hervé
pronoced with Dustin Hoffman voice in "Wag the Dog"

Nahhhhh, that's nothing... :wink:
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