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By NicoR44
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By tom
There's no triangles like there's no spoon now :P :lol:
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By Tim Ellis
Wow. :shock:


Congratulations. :D

Have you tried a limit yet? Can your machine cope with 20million?

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By Fernando Tella
Thanks Tim.

I have not tryed yet.

I'm quite intrigued though why max crashes (out of memory) with some finished scenes with ~1.5mill triangles (more textures and more objects) but without using all the memory. Maybe something to do with virtual memory.
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By Leonardo
I don't see any triangles.... only marbles :? :lol:
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By ivox3
Hey Fernando ....

Just a few questions ....

Which OS? .....and was that 3.5GB's all physical ram?

I can't seem to get mxcl to use over 2gb's with x64 ? ....always stops at 2GB physical and then begins using virtual/paging memory ..... ?
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By Fernando Tella
Are you playing with your new monster limits?

I'm using XP64 too. The windows task manager showed ~3.5GB though I increased virtual memory up to 8184MB (it is 2048MB by default).

I'll try to repeat the test increasing the polys a bit, let's see what happens.
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By ivox3
I am. :)

I'm finding that Studio is horribly slow(latent) with x64 .....?

Are you noticing anything similar?

It takes me about 3-5minutes in-between mouse-clicks.... :(

thx for the info ....
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By Fernando Tella
I have to make a correction. Memory usage probably was around 3.2GB cause I have made a new test (and succesful :D ) with 15600012 polys and it went up to 3.3GB.
I've tryed with 16080012 polys and it crashes, but just a while after starting voxelization and with much lower memory usage.

I'll provide some screenshots in a while.

Slow Studio? Without heavy geometry loaded? Nop. Works fine here.
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By ivox3
hmmmmm ... interesting. Keep us posted ..... I know you will. ;)
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By Fernando Tella
New record!! :D

The scene is basically the same but with one half floor added:

50 x 50 x 6.5 = 16250 marbles x 960 triangles per marble = 15600000 triangles + 12 box triangles = 15600012 triangles

Peak memory consumption:

Mxcl with scene data tab:


I tryed with 5 more rows on top floor and it crashed. It seems that mxcl looks for the needed free memory space when voxelitation starts; if there's not enough --> crash.

The render was launched from mxcl loading the exported mxs file.

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By ivox3
Well done Fernando ....!

A little under 3 hours, 15mil tri's, ...dielectric material ....pretty good I'd say.

Now I'm 8 million or so triangles behind ..... :lol:
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