Any features you'd like to see implemented into Maxwell?
By Mike Amos 20200607092624
I for one, do not get on with video tutorials, the manner in which many creators throw the cursor all over the screen while talking drives me up the wall tbh. Some people insist on pointing me at these video tuts despite my pointing out I am not a fan so, how about a section of the forum for those of us who are NOT experts to seek criticism and enlightenment? Possible?

At the moment it can take a long time to get any kind of response which will NOT encourage the uptake of Maxwell render. I think you know it makes sense.
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By Nasok
:D sounds expressive :)
so what exactly do you want ? More tutorials ? Less tutorials ? :) 🤷‍♀️ .. no tutorials ? no cursor. during tutorials ?

However - I think that creating a forum section dedicated to tutorials is a good idea. we can use it also for people to suggest topics to cover, or to post their tutorials, tips and tricks.

P.S. - especially would benefit if we make the forum open to public 😉

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