Any features you'd like to see implemented into Maxwell?
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By Nasok
You know this is a big thing. Scatter itself might be extremely powerful in bringing life randomness into a scene.

So it works pretty good but I was wondering if we could make it follow some rules . .like distribute objects in a linear or grind manner ... to quickly create any sort of tiles (roof, floor, wall, etc) .. aaaand since every instance would have it's unique ID .. we could also use that info to trigger value multiplier .. so that when you apply a texture to a single object it appears on all objects with the ability to add / multiply values in diffuse channel (from instance)

Sounds cool huh ? :)
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By Mihai
The last point about randomization based on object will hopefully be possible with the next update and the new randomisation procedural. Personally I've asked for a bounding box randomization so that when "remove overlap" is on, we can decide to lower the bounding box used to calculate the overlaps, so it won't remove so many instances as it does now.

About object distribution, and so on, seeing as there are so many good scatter plugins out there for all major apps (Sketchup, Max, C4D, Maya), it doesn't make much sense to try and get scatter on that level of functionality. And those plugins already work with Maxwell instances's a small investment for much better scattering capabilities. I see Maxwell scatter as a simple solution for quickly creating fields of scattered objects and mostly when you only have Studio to work with. But it will always be more limited than dedicated scatter plugins because Studio has very limited selection and creation tools (no edges, no curve creation, no "painting" tools etc.)
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By Nasok
Yeah .. I totally agree here .. there are some good scatter and distribution tools out there ... I just thought that using native Maxwell tools will help to generate data .. like unique object/instance ids which could trigger the value multiplier .. for transmittance .. or brightness of the texture ... there is no even need to add anything new ..there are already colour controls (like, brightness, hue, contrast) so that instance id - could add randomness into those values - but given that each instance have unique ID the value for each object/instance could be different .. and we would just have a little slider-isa control over how much influence will it get. ....something like that. I mean .. imagine you have a wooden floor tiles ... and you've got a texture .. all you need is just to make some of the tiles a bit brighter .. a bit less saturated .. maybe a bit darker ... just to randomise the look a bit.

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