Any features you'd like to see implemented into Maxwell?
By elkolea
Hi guys, im fairly new here and I would like to make a recommendation for some changes. I mainly work with rhino for Mac and use studio for all my setup. What doesn't really work in my experience is working with blocks in Rhino. As soon as I export my meshes all the blocks explode. What I think would be really cool is an option inside studio that allows me to replace geometry with an mxs reference. So I use blocks inside rhino, export them alone and save them as mxs. Later inside studio I could then replace the dummy-geometry with the referenced mxs. Also an array option or something similar for mxs references would be cool.
By elkolea
thank you seghier for the reply. So I can convert an object inside studio to an mxs reference and then replace it with another mxs inside studio? I don't like using the plugin for Rhino since I work on a Mac and in my experience it makes everything more complicated. At least for myself. So a solution inside studio would be nice. I will check if your recommendation works for me
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