Any features you'd like to see implemented into Maxwell?
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By Asmithey
The Blend Maxwell add-on is so slow at exporting scenes with lost of objects. I tried it and I could not bear it. B-Maxwell exports heavy scenes very fast.
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By Asmithey
New B-Maxwell add-on on Sourceforge for Blender 2.8 and Maxwell Render
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By Aaron Smithey
Bump...Only to remind Nextlimt that this thread has over 29,000 views. So there's my wish. We need a reliably backed add-on for Blender.
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By Hillmeister
Same here Aaron :!:
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By seghier
Request again.
nildar disappear ; i hope he is fine and carbon stop development
i hope Nextlimit continue development of one of the plugins .
for nildar plugin : he compiled new pymaxwell.pyd every versions of maxwell and blender and no chance to use the original pymaxwell .
and carbon plugin need more features and change in the render code because it is very slow but can used with new maxwell versions
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By Aaron Smithey
Almost a year since I have used Maxwell Render. I have been using Cycles. Cycles is actually a very nice rendering engine. But I do miss using Maxwell Render. Just do not understand why Next Limit can not find a way to support an add-on for Blender.
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By Mark Bell
Yep - hoping there's more progress with a direct MR-Blender plug-in. Both are great packages and work well together....
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