Any features you'd like to see implemented into Maxwell?
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By Nasok
I dunno if automatic application launch is a very convenient :) not for me :)) however it could be as simple as a checkbox which you tick to open rendered files in finder or a button, which becomes active once you render is complete / paused - "Send MXI to Photoshop" - that would be convenient.

I mean right now in Maya by default if you send render from Maya via plugin - it brings back you back to Maya and opens rendered images in "render view" - I'm always disabling this function as in most cases when Maxwell does it's magic - I'm already working on something else in Maya - in many cases different scene, or even different project :)
well my intention is for stand alone renders , not for preview renders during work... most apps that has to perform something similar have an option to "open destination folder" etc. :)
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