Please post here anything else (not relating to Maxwell technical matters)
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By w i l l
Name: Will Usher
Age: 25
From: A farm in the UK
Family: 3 Girlfriends, mum, sister and dad who doesn't talk to me
Worked with 3d: I-Deas in 1999, now Solidworks
Worked with Photorealism: Maxwell V1
Why: I liked the feel of renders from Maxwell and wanted to get away from cheesy Product Design using lens flares
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By Hervé
what a moron I am
Thank you for your kindness :)

Hervé; do you say : hsteff or hstaff ??
do I know you..?
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By Hys
Age: 23
From: Taiwan ( but i work in France )
Family: Girlfriend and two beautiful kittens
Worked with 3d: since 2003 with.
Worked with Photorealism: From the beginning:P
Why: because i like it :P
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By piem
Hervé wrote:
what a moron I am
Thank you for your kindness :)

Hervé; do you say : hsteff or hstaff ??
do I know you..?
No but I have read carrefully the"User Manual" pdf and I think there is an error ;) the end of the 91
Unless it's like that :?:
I didnt' try to send a mail at this address
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By Calico Jack
Hello, here´s my brief bio:

Name: Mikko Kivioja
Age: 29
From: Helsinki, Finland
Family: Just me
Worked with 3d: Since I started my industrial design studies at University of Art and Design, Helsinki in 1999 (Microstation Modeler). :?
Worked with Photorealism: Since I started my final thesis(MA) in 2003(3dmax/mental ray/vray).
Why: I like to see my design right away as realistic as possible because it helps me to develope them further. And it´s of course nice
to have great images which I get by using Maxwell Render 8)
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By insomnia3d
Name: Carlos Fueyo
Age: 26
From: Born and Raised in Asturias, Spain. But lived in Miami for the past 8 years
Family: Me, my 4-year girlfriend and my dog Zeus. Ofcourse my parents in Spain
Worked with 3d: I have being using Max for the past 5 years
Worked with Photorealism: Even though maxwell a year ago ovked my vission i have always pushed myself to do as much photorealistic work as the software allowed.
Why: I'm finishing my Architecture Masters, and 3d was a way of working without having to have a stone writen schedule. It also helps me tremendously to see my designs and replaced painting since i started it.
By Boris Ulzibat
Name: Boris Ulzibat
Age: 26
From: Tula, Russia (now in Moscow, Russia)
Family: married & 1 child (born today)
Worked with 3D: hobby since age of 14, work since this summer.
Worked with Photorealism: Tried that since first saw Mental Ray (unsuccesfully) - then - since i got Maxwell!
Why: I studied to in a medical university (parents' choice in fact), than internsip to become a child surgeon, then i realised i am too kind to be a doctor and too creative in nature to be a surgeon, so i quit, turnedback to my old hobby, started to gain some skills, try some works, then - first client, then i thought, "Why not?" and i don't regret that change in life!
"There is an only one constant thing in universe - CHANGES"
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By VisualImpact
Family: married & 1 child (born today)
today, congratulations :D
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By macray
Name: Stefan Rosenkranz
Age: 29
From: Bad Salzungen/ Forst (Lausitz), germany working in Rio de Janeiro at the moment
Family: on my own
Worked with 3d: since real 3D 2 and Reflections on the amiga
Worked with Photorealism: just maxwell photorealism - and the things sorrounding me
Why: I like it
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By Tea_Bag
Name: Darren Van Coller
Age: 23
From: Born in South Africa (Now been Living and Studying in UK for 7 Years)
Family: General family (Mum,Dad etc) but none of my own. Have a girlfriend tho :)
Worked with 3D: Started as a hobbyist, 2 years modeling and 1 and a half years rendering but now want a career in 3D so studying hard!
Worked with Photorealism: Since Maxwell Render really
Why: Enjoy product modeling and there is no other way to show it off but Maxwell Render :wink:
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By dyarza
Wow! I can't believe that I did not see this thread until now... I guess I don't come to the Off Topic section much.

Name: David de Yarza
Age: 33
From: Zaragoza, Spain. But now I live in Seattle, USA.
Family: Wife Blair and daughter Sofia.
Worked with 3D: Since AutoCad grew a third axis.
With Photorealism: Since I could lift my dad's (mine now) Hasselblad.
Why: It's a 3D world, I don't know how to design in 2D.

By John Cantu
Name: John Cantu
Age: 27
From: Seattle, USA
Family: yes I do
Worked with 3D: Since my first Tie Fighter model in 9th grade
With Photorealism: Since I ditched Flamingo
Why: Because drafting sucks

Designing Mega Yachts in Seattle.....rendering them with anything other than Maxwell should be against the law.
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By tanguy
Name: Tanguy Bodivit
Age: 35
From: Quimper | France
Family: living with Marie-Rose since 3 years and Amok our Labrador.
Worked with 3d: since 1994 with 3dstudio DOS and Autocad 10
Worked with Photorealism: since Ghost and from start because my base studies are Product design
Why: Because i love fake all i imagin in my mind :D
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By macray
Name: Stefan Rosenkranz
Age: 29
From: born in germany, living there... atm in Rio de Janeiro (here for work)
Family: nope
Worked with 3d: since Reflections 2 and Real3D on an Amiga 500
Worked with Photorealism: messing with simething like this since Cinema's Radiosity was out
Why: to fill the time and because I love it (doesn't mean I'm good even if I do it for more than 10 years)
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